Meet The Brains, Behind Eagles In Sparrows

Miriam Boateng


Miriam Boateng is the President of Eagles in Sparrows. She graduated from the University of Ghana, Legon with a major in Psychology and is a product of Holy Child Secondary School. She is the third of five children in her family. She served as a peer counselor for Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana (PPAG), Legon Campus and a member of the Student Representative Council (SRC) Womens Commission of the University of Ghana. She currently is a psychologist assistant and a training assistant.
Miriam has an unrelenting passion for motivational speaking, clinical psychology, writing and singing. Her fervent desire is to see every youth live a life of fulfillment. She is emotional but not easily broken; a strong-spirited woman of our time. She takes strength from her faith- a devoted Christian who finds her value in love, purity and integrity.

Sena Adiepena

Founding Partner

Sena Adiepena is a young Ghanaian professional marine engineer with a passion for environmental sanitation, human development, service to God and Mankind. He is currently also serving as the coordinator for the Waste Segregation and Composting Movement, a social action group that seeks to train and educate everyone on waste management. He considers every stage in life as a learning session making him a jack-of-all trade, having been equipped with skills in human development, management and strategic communication and technical skills. He is happily married and readily available to share his joy and pain to the world. Sena is a founding member of Eagles in Sparrows.