"As a man thinks in his heart, so is he" - Proverbs 23:7 EaglesInSparrows


Change a man's thinking scope and you have changed his identity. . .

Each one of us has got a resource embedded in us which can contribute to the world's healing. Often times we feel incapable of meeting the world's problems with our solutions because we have not identified who we truly are, our make-up and what we are capable of achieving. The issue of self-identity and self-actualization seem to be a challenge for today's generation. Our vision is to see the youth:

  • discover their identity, talents and internal resources that grows them spiritually, economically and socially.
  • develop healthy and realistic thinking scope.
  • instilled with core values needed for self-growth and actualization.
  • Empowered to build themselves as good resource and mentors to others.
  • Well-informed about mental health, why their psychological environment is crucial to self-growth and where to seek help at any point in time.
  • Mission

    Just as the sparrow represents wisdom, productivity, creativity, vigilance, friendliness and community, there is so much deposited in us by God for excellence. It is our potentials, when harnessed that make us soar like the eagle-with such power, strength, balance, dignity and bravery. So like the sparrow we appear little and limited; but when we break out, the eagle in us commands the skies!

    As Eagles in Sparrows, our goal is to empower and motivate young adults by helping them create the right mental atmosphere. Our focus is to help the youth build their talents, penchants and self-worth; not only to be blessed by these but also to bless others.

    The psychological well-being of every person is key to their individual and corporate growth. While helping young adults discover themselves, we also seek to educate such, especially the African youth, about the science of the mind and behavior. When we are healed in the mind, our totality is empowered to function- even for greater heights.


    Thank you for your kindness. It is highly appreciated! Our generation can see far because we can stand on the shoulders of giants like you! Help others, donate now!


    Research demonstrates that quality mentoring relationships significantly benefit young people, especially those perceived to be at risk. Mentors provide them with the confidence, resources, continuity, and support they need to achieve their potential. Public policy that supports quality mentoring programs is vital to ensuring that mentoring is leveraged as a strategy in all areas of youth development.

    Your voice is critical in these efforts. Young people relate well with their peers. That means you have the power to influence the outcome of our generation.