• Mental Health Education

    We are committed to educating the youth and the general public about mental health care.

  • Our Logo

    So like the sparrow we appear little and limited; but when we break out, the eagle in us commands the skies!

  • Youth Focused Programs

    We organize youth-focused programs and accept partnerships from other motivational/public speaking organizations.

Prayer Request

Worried About Something? Talk to us and lets put it before God in prayer. Send a mail to prayer@eaglesinsparrows.org



At Eagles in Sparrows we believe in the wholeness of ourselves and all others that we connect to. We do not compromise on our honesty, both within and without.


We are committed to giving out our ultimate at every point in time. Our best we understand is yet to come, so we never stop learning.


We win when it is you and I. We do it better us a team-this is our philosophy.

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